Beat as known as her stage name "DJ Beat", is a character in Di'angelo series. She is a Border Collie/ Sheepdog Mix. She is known for being at parties, doing what she does best: Deejaying.


Beat is usually seen at major parties, doing what she does best. She rarely talks but, when she does, she has a soft, smooth voice. 


Beat's hair is green and her fur is a tan/beige color. There's also a green saddle on her back. 


  • Beat's name is Rigbybestie's real life nickname. After a while, Rigbybestie had the idea to add DJ to front of her nickname (as for a bit, she imitated being a DJ and because she likes music). The creation of the character stemmed from this.
  • DJ Beat is a name shared with another character in one of Rigbybestie's other series, The Other Tales of Ponyville.
  • Rigbybestie confirmed this is her favorite background character.
  • Beat has her own music video named The Beat featuring C2C's "The Beat" as the song. It features not only footage of Beat in Di'angelo, but additional scenes made by Rigbybestie. This is the only song as of now that features a background character.