Daniel Takes The Case! is the upcoming series featuring, (who else?) Daniel. As the name suggests, Daniel takes random cases, changing in difficulty from a robbery case to a murder case. The show stays PG, still being child/teen orientated, but has adult innuendos/mature jokes/etc. like Di'angelo. It also isn't graphic (extreme violence, gore, etc.), but there is a fair share of violent/dramatic/suspence/etc. scenes/moments. 

Daniel Takes This Case: The Big Murder Mystery (What in the heck kinda generic name is that? Wow, talking about the show's episode name. Smart move, cowboy.)Edit

This multi-part episode is a follow-up to Taking The Case, which leads to Daniel Takes The Case!. This time, from the way it's introduced, it seems that Di'angelo has never existed and the whole world's in an alternate dimension. The whole episode plays out similar to a Phoenix Wright game. 

Series PlotEdit