Di'angelo Kart 10 is a video game planned for PC, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PS3, and Xbox. The game features most of the Di'angelo characters to date. Most are already unlocked, while others are unlockables or available by retailers such as Gamestop or Play-and-Trade. 

Unlocked KartsEdit

Di'angelo KartEdit

Di'angelo has a scooter-like kart that he rides on by standing most of the way, but sitting on it is possible.

Special Abilities:


Downsides: Because of it being a scooter and one-sided, when it's tripped by ANYTHING, it flips on the side and causes Di'angelo to lag behind the others, trying to pick it back up.

Domino KartEdit

Domino's kart is basically a Big Wheel. He does pedal FAST on that thing though... (for such short legs.)

Special Abilities:


Downsides: Even though the pudgy little doughball of lard pedals as fast as he can on it, it still moves slow having no motor. 

Malti KartEdit

Malti's kart is

Sandie KartEdit

Sandie has country-style kart. Nothing says down-home-on-the-farm like a farm designed kart!

Special Abilities:



Rico KartEdit

Unlockable KartsEdit

Shaggy KartEdit

Shaggy's kart is... a cloud. It's very comfy, though! Perfect for napping and leaving the fellow racers in the dust.

Redeemable KartsEdit