Milo Shirley Westie is a character in the Di'angelo series. He is a British Westie Stuffed Animal. Milo's known for his noticable British accent and American personality, and his knack for anything electronic (most preferably computers). 


Milo prefers to be cooped up in his house, constantly on his computer (an HP Laptop named HP), interacting with the human world with chat rooms and Facebook (most likely), than outside in the fresh air, having physical fun. He enjoys making video games and other software. He also can hack other compuers within a few seconds, which usually gets him a job on one of Di'angelo's rendezvous. Despite being a "lapdog" to some, he doesn't care for pampering or being taken care of  


Milo has fluffy white fur, 


  • As all of the dogs, Milo represent's Rigbybestie's compulsive, shut-in, obsessive self when she's on ANY computer. He also represents her "never-wanting-to-be-what-people-want-me-to-be" side (i.e. being a non-tomboy/being a lapdog). 
  • Milo was originally drawn without bangs, but was given them later, so 1, he wouldn't look like a white chihuahua like Emoni and 2, the real Milo has a bang in front of his eyes that's thick enough to cover them. (See The Real Di'angelo and Friends for more details.) "...I just wanted him to look like the REAL Milo and not some male version of Emoni... also, those bangs are cute as HECK!"