Di'angelo has gained some popularity in the time it's been on the internet. And, during this time, many fans of the show made their own characters for the show or for fanons known as Di'angelo OCs or original characters. The few OCs that were made so far are primarily dogs of some sort, however, there are some other animals or creatures that have been made into OCs, also. The reason most of the OCs are dogs is because most fans know that Rigbybestie's favorite animal is dogs, but it's also because of the main characters of the show being dogs themselves.

My d'alglo character
This is Drizzle, the first Di'angelo OC ever.
Some attributes
First Started:

October 1st, 2012

Second Ended:


Third Unknown
Other attributes


OCs can be any animal really, as Utopia has a wide variety of animals, including natural and unnatural hybrids. Mostly, because the main characters are canine and the creator of the show loves dogs, they are typical a dog breed of some sort. The characters are usually connected with Di'angelo and/or his friends in a way, either being a friend, love interest, family member, or an enemy. The first OC was made in early October by Emolga of Voodoo. Rigbybestie was so amused with the fact she had an OC for Di'angelo, that she allowed Emolga to not only have her character canon, but become staff for the show. Later on, Rigbybestie had a contest for some users to make OCs for Di'angelo. She announced there will be a second contest in 2013. Later on, the amount of Di'angelo OCs are increasing. 


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