Randall "Randy" Labreagle is a character in the Di'angelo series. He is a Labrador, Golden Retriever, and Beagle Stuffed Animal Mix called a Labreagle. He is known for being the most quiet character on the show, having less lines than Shaggy, Milo, and Westley combined and his love for sports.   


Randy, despite being quiet and appearing to be good, is also an antagonist like Sparki. He is known for also doing antagonist-like things, such as in The Dog King - The Chase, he along with Sparki and Clover chase after Di'angelo. He also laughs at Sparki getting hurt in the Spiky Thorns, which shows he may have some animosity towards him. Randy very rarely speaks, but gets the most lines in The First Date, when he tries to date Cocoa. Randy seems to dislike talking, which is probably most of the time, he doesn't say a word. He has an obsession with sports, being able to play all of them flawlessly. He's also one of the few characters that always wear clothes. He seems to let Sandie boss him and the other Labreagles around, which from a point, makes him seem like a younger sibling.


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  • Randy was originally Sandie and Rico's cousin, as he was made after those two. He was later made their older brother because "...why is the golden retriever their cousin? He should be their brother instead. Makes no sense".